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Offering Memoranda

At both of my positions at STRIVE and Mohr Partners, I created a number of unique documents, referred to individually as an offering memorandum, that highlight the financial information, tenants and demographics of properties listed for sale by the firms. 

Brokers at both companies then used these offering memoranda to promote and pitch the properties to prospective buyers.

Giddy Down

Over the course of the 2022 Summer Internship Program at Mohr Partners, the interns worked on a proposal as they competed for the  business of a fictional company called Giddy Down Equine Aeronautics.


This firm specializes in animal-tandem parachuting—in other words, skydiving with your horse—and I created a website and brand guidelines to add realism to the project and provide prospective information to the interns. 

Internal Event Flyers

In order to promote different internal events at Mohr Partners, I collaborated with our Human Resources team to create different flyers that were displayed throughout our Dallas headquarters.

Email Marketing Campaigns


To promote every property STRIVE Real Estate listed, I would assemble and implement an email marketing campaign that was distributed via Constant Contact to STRIVE's proprietary database of real estate investors and agents. 

Direct Mailing Campaigns and Advertisements


To promote STRIVE Real Estate and its inventory of listed properties, I designed, created and edited bespoke marketing collateral that was used in direct mail campaigns or in print advertisements that appeared in local and national publications.

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